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The NAPLAN is a controversial matter in Australian educational circles. However it is a fact of life, and schools need as much assistance as they can to deal sensitively with it.

Approaching the national literacy test, at Years 3 and 5, is a matter of some anxiety for many schools and teachers, who see the possibility of their children not performing to the standard of which they are capable.

Ziptales has created a NAPLAN style test engine, which offers three major advantages in this crucial area:

  1. The ability to ‘exercise’ or habituate children to the test, using ‘look alike’ test items, which emulate the real thing.
  2. An online test, using ‘pick and click’ instant interaction, which anticipates the way the test will be presented from 2018 onwards.
  3. A way of instantly diagnosing what children are struggling with, in order to remediate areas of weakness.

Our ‘NAPLAN Style Tests’ are aimed at taking all the stress out of preparing children for the test, AND putting teachers completely in the picture about what children can do and what needs work.

This is not ‘teaching to the NAPLAN’ - it is just putting teacher and children in the most comfortable place to grapple with the test’s demands.

There are eight tests in this module:

Year 3 READING TEST - two fully interactive tests (36 items each)
LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS TEST - two fully interactive tests (46 items each)
Year 5 READING TEST - two fully interactive tests (35 items each)
LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS TEST - two fully interactive tests (50 items each)


When the child clicks “FINISH”, the teacher is instantly emailed the results - which tracks the child’s answers line by line, and ‘decodes’ what each item is testing. A score is given to the teacher. The child never sees the results.

Spelling - 10 lessons on key points of difficulty
Grammar - 5 lessons (with exercises)
Punctuation - 5 lessons (with exercises)
Reading - 10 exercises (all comprehension styles)
Writing -
Year 3 sample answers (high, medium, low)
Year 3 questions (with scaffolding) x2
Year 5 sample answers (high, medium, low)
Year 5 questions (with scaffolding) x2

At the end of the experience, all children will be well versed in what to expect. And all teachers will know what their children can do for this standardised test.

Also, at the teacher’s discretion, as much preparatory practice can be done as seems appropriate.

We hope you find our ‘NAPLAN Style Tests’ module of great use in your school.

Standardised testing will always be a little challenging, but with the right approach it can be a great ‘win-win’ situation for children.

Ziptales has no view of the NAPLAN, except as part of its mission to assist and empower teachers.

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