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About Ziptales

Ziptales, a significant provider in the space of online literacy, was the first of its kind in Australia. The Ziptales ‘library’, set up to cater for students and teachers, as well as parents and libraries, consists of some 550 modules - over 300 stories - and about 250 online lessons covering grammar, punctuation, spelling, and curriculum aligned tutorials on general topics like paragraphs, speaking politely, how to write stories and so on.

The key personnel:

Richard McRoberts (director) has a BA (English) from Monash University (Melbourne) and a Masters in Education (Literacy and Literature) from Melbourne University. He was an English teacher for 23 years. He is a published author, with more than 100 titles to his credit. In addition to being the publisher at Wizard Books, he was the English publisher at Cambridge University Press for some years, producing some 50 books. Ziptales, set up in 2002, was his concept.

Valerie McRoberts (co-director) has a BA (English, Honours) from Monash University (Melbourne) and a Masters in Education (Gifted Education) from Melbourne University. She was a teacher for 20 years, both in state and private education. She joined Wizard Books in the late 1990s. She was the author of a number of educational titles. After the acquisition of Wizard, she became a commissioning editor at Curriculum Corporation. She is curriculum director at Ziptales.

Jane Caughey (primary literacy consultant) has a Dip.T., B.Ed. and a Grad.Dip.Ed in primary teaching. She is an experienced teacher of many years, and an educational author. Jane provides the practical advice on the match between the tests and the scores created. She is the supervisor of the project and has written a number of test items.

Alison Rucco (test consultant) has a range of qualifications - TPTC, B.Ed. and M.Ed. She has had extensive experience of examining standardised tests in the style of NAPLAN, and created the initial versions of the NAPLAN Style Tests for Ziptales.

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